Hands down the best PD I have ever been on. Often found myself saying (tongue firmly in cheek) “Wow! this PD is really tough”
Shana James is a kind, approachable, gentle soul with a relaxed teaching style, backed with a wealth of knowledge and skill. Shana teamed up with (gregarious, down to earth, talented ceramic artist and all round artistic firecracker) Ebony Russell to make the perfect teaching duo. Their skills, artistic styles and personalities combine to offer a comprehensive experience which suits every individuals learning style. You could ask as many or as little questions as you liked. Nothing seemed like too much trouble and your artistic vision/approach was honoured. This was not a one size fits all experience. We were a group of vastly different individuals who bonded well and connected through our passion for art and beauty. Ebony offered a wealth of knowledge on extra curricular activities. You could be as involved or as quiet as you liked. There was plenty of time for chilled contemplation, naps, drawing, swimming, massage, wandering etc and/or more

Anna’s Linocut being revealed

adventurous activities. It really was a choose your own adventure. It was lovely to be around a great bunch of creatives and the ARMA Museum & Resort (Official) was the perfect setting (inspiration in every nook). Cannot recommend this workshop more. No matter your skill level. There is something for everyone here and you will walk away filled with so much good stuff. This trip has reignited my art practice.
So much gratitude 🙏🙏
Ubud Art Workshops

Anna Menke – HighSchool Art Teacher Central Queensland, Australia


Dettes beautiful Chine Colle

I would highly recommend this workshop. Whatever level of experience you have Shana will effortlessly adapt her teaching to what you need/want. She is super knowledgeable and warm and supportive. The venue is beautiful and you are spending time with like minded arty folk. I want to go again to feed my artistic soul. 😀

Dette Knight, Primary Art Specialist Perth, Australia



Helen with one of her Linocuts at the ARMA exhibition

I have been painting for a number of years and stopped printmaking a good ten years ago deciding it was best to be master of one rather than a jack of all trades. But when I read about Shana’s workshop at the Arma Resort in Ubud, I realised just how much I had enjoyed printmaking and in particular Lino cutting. Shana is a dedicated teacher and a talented artist certainly inspired me with her wonderful work. Arma Resort is a fairy tale with beautiful gardens and inspiration in every nook and cranny. And to boot it has the magnificent Arma museum in its grounds. The workshop inspired me from the first day. No question was to hard or too silly. I learnt so much and gained my confidence back quickly. The chine colle technique was the icing on the cake. The fact that Shana also organised an exhibition of all the student’s work at the museum was certainly a bonus. The group of students inspired each other and lovely works were produced by the end of a wonderful week. A huge thanks to Ebony who was Shana’s helper and who had a wealth of knowledge all things local as well as printmaking. Shana also organised everything beautifully so it went without a hitch and the students were a little sad to say goodbye.

Helen Dubrovich – Sydney, Australia



Julia with her Linocut

Thank you, Shana, very much! It was great experience of learning new tehnique, meeting new interesting people, share our experiences and having a good time. I am very happy that I had this adventure, will continue to do carving when I will buy lino and ink.

I wish you to have successful year ahead and lots of luck.
Julia Leontyev – Melbourne,  Australia


I enrolled in the Ubud Linocut workshop after attending a short 3 week Linocut course   Shana taught at the Fremantle Arts Centre. I had very little experience but thoroughly enjoyed the workshop in Ubud. By the end I felt so much more confident in both my art and in Linocut printing. The workshop was very well run by both Shana and Ebony and by the end I felt like I was on holiday with a group of friends. Everyone had varying levels of artistic abilities but we all produced art to be proud of. To see our pieces up on the wall for the exhibition was wonderful. I also enjoyed getting to know the other participants, a lovely group of people. I would thoroughly recommend your workshop to anyone wishing to learn about Linocut in a very supportive environment. The Arma Resort is such a beautiful setting to be learning in and the food was excellent.

Thanks again

Sonya Kielman – Perth, Australia



Pierina at the Exhibition

I came to Ubud to do a five day print-making course with Shana James – a printmaker from Perth. I learnt a lot about print-making and my own art making challenges. I met and worked with a wonderful group of people. It’s been great to be able to talk art and teaching with a group dedicated to their own learning.

Last night we had a beautiful exhibition opening at ARMA. We were honoured to have the Consul General of Australia, Anthea Griffin open the exhibition. Mr Argung Rai of ARMA generously hosted the exhibition. Terima kasih 🙏🏽

There are so many people to thank for this fabulous experience:
Shana James – for her experience and vision in establishing this program and partnering with ARMA to deliver it. Thank you for your generosity in teaching and in creating a beautiful exhibition of our work.

My Mum- who supported me and the girls, so I could do this program

My girls- who are always supportive of their Mum and her ‘ideas’

Pierina’s Linocut in Progress

Ebony Russell- for her guidance and support in the course
ARMA and their beautiful people – who smile and welcome us every day and create a calm, relaxing, beautiful environment in which to learn and enjoy
Made Griyawan- a Balinese artist who studied with us and warmly welcomed us to his home and studio. I am especially thankful for his insights into Balinese culture

What a wonderful experience. 😊💖

Pierina Curties – Art Teacher at Stuartholme School Queensland,  Australia.




Jenniece Anderson with her beautiful chine colle Linocut

I really enjoyed the Lino workshop and liked the fact that it was hosted in a beautiful garden on the Arma estate. The tranquil surroundings added to being better able to relax in a creative space. In addition, the tips and tricks you provided were very hands on for me to use in the classroom. I shall be telling other colleagues of the great experience I have had. Thanks again!
Jenniece Anderson
Art teacher
Cairo American School, Egypt




After the workshop finished Jan Jenkins continued to travel around Bali with her sister.

Shana, thanks so much for a most enjoyable learning experience in beautiful Bali. The linocut workshop you hosted at ARMA was amazing. I learnt a ton and met a wonderful bunch of people. A return is definitely on my bucket list!
Thanks again!
Jan Jenkins, Artist, Canada






Tracey Black at the Chez Monique jewellery workshop on the free day

Hi Shana, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the workshop. You shared your knowledge and skill so generously as did the beautiful Balinese people I was fortunate to chat with. I am feeling inspired to continue developing these new skills now I am back home. The group of women you introduced me to were so supportive and have such talent. Ubud is a most beautiful place full of stimulating surroundings that inspires creativity. I would thoroughly recommend your workshop on both a personal and professional level. Many thanks and much love to all.

Tracey Black, Artist and Primary Art Specialist Melbourne Australia



Toni with her lovely chine colle linocut

Thank you to Shana James for a truly first class workshop, from the beginning, basket with fine set of tools and excellent materials, to the excellent instruction. I learned so much new, despite being a fairly experienced printmaker. The exchange of ideas ranged far beyond the details of lino cut to general artistic creativity and the special challenges of teaching art. I’m heading home renewed! And ARMA resort and museum was an amazing venue.

Toni Gorkin USA



Sonya working on her linocut at the ARMA resort

Shana’s workshop was personally rewarding and encouraging. I was able to find inspiration for my subject matter amongst the beauty of the ARMA resort in Ubud Bali. I worked alongside like minded classmates who came to the from varied places around the globe. The group had an energy that made the workshop exciting and informative. Shana has chosen a venue that encourages the arts and artists, and is the perfect place for an artists retreat such as the Lino Printmaking Workshop that Shana runs.  Thank you Shana

Sonya Honey, Teacher in Art and Special Education, Sydney Australia



Andrea's lino block and print.

What a great trip and printmaking all in one!    Ubud (and ARMA) is the perfect place and your organisation was excellent. Thank you Shana, along with Ebony to assist, and everyone making it such a memorable time. I felt like I made twelve new friends. I would recommend this workshop for anyone with an interest in lino cutting and printmaking, regardless of their abilities or past experience. Shana provided the input that each individual needs on their way to producing their own work. Everybody produced unique and creative art.
I am also keen to attend next year and submit some pieces for the exhibition.
Many thanks
Andrea – Perth 2018


Yve with some local children

We had THE best teacher ( Shana James) the best location, 11 interesting other apprentices. The best of time on a magical place.
Thank you!

Yve Poucet – Italy 2018




Tina’s small linocut with hand coloured chine colle

Thank you so much for the Ubud linocut workshop. I enjoyed every minute! Shana’s teaching was excellent, well paced, flexible, catering for everyone’s individual needs and so beautifully prepared. I love my basket and all the materials. It was also great to have Ebony there for her perspective and advice on all things art, shopping and social events! I’d love to be there next year. Already planning on being part of the exhibition and would love to do this all again in 2019. Thank you for your personal support and consideration as well. Your understanding was greatly appreciated.

Tina Delchau Primary Teacher South Australia 2018


2018 Group with Anna, Sue, Jan, Rachel and more

Had a fab time – its still carrying me!

Sue Nigg – Pemberton WA 2018







Corinna Inking Up Her Linocut 2018

Dear Shana
Thank you for a wonderful workshop well organised by you .
Jeff and I have thoroughly enjoyed this trip.  The resort we stayed in was perfect. We particularly enjoyed our private villa .
The one week we had at Ubud just went so quickly.  At the resort there was inspiration everywhere for wonderful art work to be made . The duration of the course is perfect. Worked for two days then we had one day to explore Bali. Then 3 more days to complete the work . Shana, you made it so easy for us to learn and use the techniques to do linocut . And the good part is we have the beautiful kit and skill to do linocut without a press, to be able to do at home .
I would also like to thank Ebony who was your assistant. She was excellent in helping us in the workshop but also in her knowledge of Ubud. She was able tell us where all the special places to visit . She recommended the jewellery workshop which we have so much fun doing on our free day .
We have made some great friends in this week and are looking forward to the exhibition in 2019.
Kind regards
Corinna May – Melbourne 2018


What an exciting and wonderful week we had at the Arma Museum and Resort in Bali.
Shana’s knowledge and technique for linocut without a press was fantastic as well as the technique of Chine colle.

Janette Trainer’s lovely chine colle linocuts

Ebony as your assistant and social advisor was fabulous.
We had so much fun meeting the other participants and enjoying their company.
This was truly a wonderful experience and one that I would like to repeat next year.
Thank-you, to you Shana and Ebony for a wonderful time.
Janette Trainer – Dunsborough WA 2018 workshop



Letitica Morrow working on her linocut
Letitica Morrow working on her linocut

I highly recommend Shana James’ Lino printing workshop in Ubud, Bali. Every part of it was designed to rejuvenate the senses and reconnect to artistic practice. The time spent with like minded teachers and practitioners was invaluable.

Letitia Morrow  Art Teacher, Mentone Girls’ Grammar School 2017





Pia Working on her Design - 2017 Workshop
Pia Working on her Design – 2017 Workshop

Thank you for the tremendous few days I spent with you and the wonderfully energetic and stimulating group of artists and teachers on your linocut course.

Your course really enriched me. I am used to working in quite an isolated department as many primary teachers are.. planning on our own. This experience gave us a chance to ignite new ideas and motivate us with lots of laughter to make work with no boundaries. 
Bali was always a place I imagined filled with tourists so I have not been previously drawn to it. However, our setting in the Arma resort was perfect, working surrounded by budding Balinese dancers and beautiful contemporary art. The resort was stunning and Bali is alive with spirituality and creativity.
Thanks to our generous welcome pack of printmaking equipment and for arranging my beautiful room so smoothly.
 I have got so much out of this course and shall be transferring my new skills to the older children at our brand new school at Brighton College Bangkok.
                                                                Pia Kanaan International School, Primary Art teacher -2017
Left to Right: Adele, Sian, Ebony, Letitia. Working on their linocuts – 2017 Workshop

This course was everything I hoped it would be. I had no previous experience but had always loved lino prints and was drawn to the course when I saw Shana’s work on-line. Her prints captivated me with their detail, and the story they told.

The ARMA Resort is an excellent choice not only is it beautiful but is part of the Agung Rai Museum of Art, which houses Balinese works from the renaissance throughout the 20th century until now.

Over the 5 days the course was run, I learnt most from my mistakes. But these were
valuable as it has inspired me to master the technique. I have already made a trip to
Oxlades to get lino and printing ink. I am firing on all four cylinders to redo my
original piece. I was rather over ambitious for a beginner, but this has not dampened
my spirits, on the contrary, I am raring to go.

Shana was really helpful and the little box of goodies you got on arrival along with her well planned booklet which was fabulous! It has an excellent section for teachers, complete with some exciting lessons for art or classroom teachers. As well as Shana’s excellent guidance and tuition, there were some amazing artists on this course. I also learnt a lot by observing them at work. It was inspiring to see how individual and
different everyone’s approach, techniques and final masterpieces turned out. I was surrounded by brilliance.

As well as this, we had an amazing group of people, it was the most inspiring and special experience. I have made some fabulous new friends and can not recommend this course highly enough. Thank you Shana.

Sian Roberts, Primary Teacher Perth,  2017



Sheree working on her Linocut
Sheree working on her Linocut – 2015 Workshop

I highly recommend the Ubud Art Workshop in Bali. From the very minute you enter the beautiful serene gardens of the Arma Resort you are instantly relaxed and inspired to create. Whether you are a novice or have printmaking skills Shana will guide you through the process and extend your knowledge base at a relaxed pace. The resort is beautiful, quiet and sounds of running water and birds surround you. The whole experience for me was wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Sheree Conacher – Primary School Art Specialist, Perth 2015


Edith showing her Linocut to interested Arma staff member
Edith showing her Linocut to interested Arma staff member

I spent a wonderful 10 days with Shana James at the Arma Museum and Resort. She is a very encouraging teacher (and I needed a LOT of encouraging) with a calm professionalism. I would gladly return again under her tutelage. The teacher was excellent, the venue was excellent and the food was excellent. Don’t miss it!

Edith May – January 2015, Manager of Fire Station Print Studio, Melbourne



Carolyn Carving her Lino
Carolyn Carving her Lino

As you sketch and carve your image in the garden of ARMA Resort, the beauty of this magnificently landscaped tropical paradise is an inspiration. There are multi levels and layers of lush vegetation incorporating rice fields, lotus ponds, statues, streams and fountains. Beautiful vistas and the sound of running water wherever you wander. A very peaceful setting with a pool nearby where you can cool off and enjoy afternoon tea in the shade.

We used an area attached to the ARMA Gallery for traditional Balinese arts. On Sunday morning, groups of children rehearse their Balinese dances nearby with parents watching on the sidelines … just like ballet classes at home. Excellent planning meant that everything ran smoothly.  I learnt hand burnishing and chine colle techniques as well as getting lots of tips from Shana on design and composition. A very supportive environment with flexibility to do your own thing each day, eg  cooking  class, traditional Balinese painting  or the temple tour at dawn with Agung Rai himself, the founder of the Agung Rai Museum of Arts (ARMA) and creator of the heavenly garden.
Comfortable, spacious air-conditioned rooms with wide porches plus delicious meals and friendly staff make this workshop a real delight. Highly recommended!

Carolyn Vanderplank, January 2015